After 5 months of negotiations, IATSE local 262 and the Society of the old port of Montreal reached a tentative agreement regarding the renewal of the collective agreement, an agreement that ended March 31st 2012. The deal include 8 months wages payback and it would be a 3 years term agreement. Gains were made on salary, sick days and pension fund. More details to come when in 2 weeks from now we will presented the new deal to our membership.

The Galaxy Sherbrooke front-of-house staff unionize!

The 35 employees of the Galaxy theater in Sherbrooke, working in guest services, box office, and concessions, have chosen to be represented by IATSE Local 262.

The Labour Relations Commission rendered a judgment on June 8th that accredited Local 262 in this theater, which is part of the Cineplex Entertainment chain. We will hold a meeting shortly to establish a list of demands for a first collective agreement for these employees. Local 262 already represents 350 Cineplex Entertainment employees in other theater locations in Quebec.

IATSE Local 262 represents over 550 members in Montreal, Quebec, and now Sherbrooke in cinemas, theaters, and other entertainment locations, and has been doing so since 1912.

AMC Forum 22 Bought Out By Cineplex

Cineplex announced, on June 21st 2012, that it has signed an agreement to purchase four AMC Entertainment theater locations, including their Montreal cinema, and will update these locations to include digital projection.

The employees of this theater will join the other unionized Cineplex theaters in contract negotiations scheduled to take place at the end of the year. IATSE Local 262 represents 9 Cineplex Entertainment theaters in Quebec, recently including the Cineplex Odeon St-Bruno, Galaxy Sherbrooke and Forum 22.

The AMC Forum 22 is the largest theater complex in Quebec by number of screens.

Justice for Temporary Agency Workers

Executive board of IATSE local 262 voted last week to support Au bas de l’échelle and Immigrant Workers Center in their campaign for the protection of the rights of temporary agency workers.

We invite our members to be inform about this situation. Those kind of agencies take bigger and bigger place in the workforce and will be a problem if we don’t take a serious reflection about it in years to come.

Here’s the link about this campaign :



Election on May 2nd : Obligation of employers

By law, qualified electors must have three consecutive hours to cast their vote on election day. If your hours of work do not allow for three consecutive hours to vote, your employer must give you time off. Your employer has the right to decide when the time off will be given.

Employers cannot impose a penalty or deduct pay from an employee who is taking time off to vote if required by the Canada Elections Act. An employee must be paid what he or she would have earned during the time allowed off for voting.

If you have any other question, please contact Elections Canada or the office of the local.

End of Unionized Projection at Cineplex Entertainment

Since February 10th, there are no longer any projectionist members of Local 262 working at Cineplex Entertainment. The arrival of digital projection started to make a progressive entrance and, since December 2010, the majority of projection at cinemas Brossard and Quartier Latin were converted. This technology was then installed in the Cavendish, St-Bruno, Place Lasalle, and Boucherville cinemas in early 2011 and will continue to be installed throughout the year.

The union and the employer worked together to produce an agreement regarding the departure indemnities and the loss of jurisdiction of the union. It is important to note that the departure indemnities obtained are the most important ever negotiated in this industry in Canada and that mechanisms are now put at the disposal of workers to assist them in any efforts to find new employment. The arrival of digital marks the end of the projectionist trade in commercial cinemas and it is an important page in our history that is now being turned.

Note that our union has been present in Montreal cinemas since 1912 and we will continue to maintain 15 active projectionists at the IMAX Old Port and AMC Forum 22. We wish to thank our brothers and sisters for their numerous years of service and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

From the executive board of Local 262


Large Demonstration in Support of Locked Out Employees of the Journal de Montreal

The executive board of Local 262 invites its members to participate in the demonstration on December 4th in order to offer their support to the workers of the Journal de Montreal, who have been in lock-out for almost 2 years now. For more details, please read the article released on rue Frontenac on November 2nd. It is linked below: