Here is an informative page that will answer, we hope, your questions. If you are interested in finding out more or you have other questions, you can reach us anytime at 514-814-0750 or by email at

You can also register online! Send us an e-mail to and we will send you the procedure.

THE union representing Front of the house (F.O.H.) employees in cinema, theater and entertainment in Quebec!

By joining our union, you could benefit from some of the most advantageous working conditions in the industry. To date, the majority of F.O.H. workers at Cineplex Entertainment are unionized in Quebec! You work in an non-unionize cinema? Contact us and see by yourself. The choice will be obvious!

You work elsewhere in the theater and in the entertainment industry? We also have collective agreements with various employers in these sectors with favorable working conditions. Contact us to inform yourself and you will see.

Why unionize?

A union is a democratic tool that allows each member to express their opinions and have a voice concerning their working conditions. In fact, during a union meeting, the members decide on union demands made during the process of negotiation of a collective agreement.

The establishment of a union in the workplace also bring less arbitrary treatment by the employer because the employer must respect pre-negotiated working conditions that are part of a collective agreement.

Here are some benefits that members have in unionized venues

We have obtained the best work conditions in the industry at the level of cinema operations and in joining our ranks you could benefit from the following benefits :

  • Bargaining power in order to negotiate better work conditions
  • Schedules adapted to your needs
  • Sufficient effectives at the workplace
  • Remunerated breaks and in sufficient numbers
  • Leave without pay for a period of up to 8 months without any loss of privileges upon return to work
  • Holidays paid at double time
  • Paid sick days
  • Paid maternity leaves
  • Bonuses for training of fellow workers
  • And many more benefits…

We are also in measure to negotiate better work conditions in within any Quebec arts and culture domain, so do not wait any longer and contact us immediately !