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** Workers of the Cinema Banque Scotia Montréal **

Here is some documents concerning the present organisation drive in your cinema. If you need more informations, feel free to contact us.

You can also register online! Send us an e-mail to and we will send you the procedure.

Memo – IATSE local 262 to the Workers of the Cinema Banque Scotia Montréal – August 25th 2017

Statuts & Bylaws (French)

2nd Memo – IATSE local 262 to the Workers of the Cinema Banque Scotia Montréal – September 7th 2017

Tax credit for Union, professional or other dues – Revenu Quebec

Décision du TAT – 22 septembre 2017 (Me Anick Chainey) (French)

Campagne de syndicalisation dans un cinéma : le tribunal semonce l’employeur      October 5th 2017 (Radio-Canada) (French)

Décision du Tribunal Administratif du Travail – 8 janvier 2018 (Me Yves Lemieux) (French)

Le tribunal sévit contre un employeur qui écrivait des mémos contre le syndicat – 18 janvier 2018 (Huffington Post) (French)

Mémos contre le syndicat: le Tribunal administratif sévit contre un employeur – 18 janvier 2018 (La Presse) (French)


We have obtained the best work conditions in the industry at the level of cinema operations and in joining our ranks you could benefit from the following benefits :

  • Bargaining power in order to negotiate better work conditions
  • Schedules adapted to your needs
  • Sufficient effectives at the workplace
  • Remunerated breaks and in sufficient numbers
  • Leave without pay for a period of up to 8 months without any loss of privileges upon return to work
  • Holidays paid at double time
  • Paid sick days
  • Paid maternity leaves
  • Bonuses for training of fellow workers
  • And many more benefits…

We are also in measure to negotiate better work conditions in within any Quebec arts and culture domain, so do not wait any longer and contact us immediately :

Sylvain Bisaillon – President

(514) 814-0750


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