TAT : Another decision in our favor at the Scotiabank Theatre in Montreal


The Tribunal Administratif du Travail (TAT)  took an unequivocal decision today by the intervention of the administrative judge Yves Lemieux concerning the actions which went against the Labor code coming from the Employer (Cineplex) at the Scotiabank Theatre in Montreal.

In its decision, Me Lemieux concluded, further to several memos from the employer as well as manymeetings with employees, that:

“The Court concludes that the Employer tries to influence the employees so that they do not adhere to the Labor union. By doing so, he breaks the article 12 of the Code by passing on the first one and the second memo.  There’s grounds for intervening to restrict the right of the Employer to communicate with the employees about the recruitment drive.”

You can read his decision as a whole by clicking here. (French)

New contracts available

New contracts are available on the “contracts” page : Odyscène (FOH) and IMAX (Projection)

For workers of Odyscène, it’s a first contract. We negociate wage increase up to 26% for the first year of the contract. Odyscène is our second live theatre unit after the Centre Pierre-Péladeau.

New members join the local 262!

Members of local 262 of the I.A.T.S.E. welcome new brothers and sisters from Odyscène (Théâtre Lionel-Groulx, Cabaret de l’église Sacré-Coeur, Salle Pierre Legault). Certified by the labor board on August 28th, new members of the local 262 join the Centre Pierre-Péladeau workers in our theater department.

Negotiation – Cineplex Colossus Laval – Ste-Foy

Following recent meetings of conciliation with the employer in these two cinemas, members voted for pressure tactics that can lead to a general strike at meetings held on June 26th and July 3rd.

No answer on a number of articles and the position of the employer to provide work conditions below contracts currently in force in the other eight unionized establishments with this employer in Quebec led the members present in assembly to take a decision in this regard.

Next conciliation meeting is scheduled on July 9th.

VIP section of the cinema Brossard is now unionize!

IATSE Local 262 has emerged victorious with regard to the local’s recent dispute over bargaining rights at Cinema Brossard. The local already held bargaining rights for employees of the cinema. The dispute centred on Cineplex having added four VIP theatres to the existing cinema and then refusing to apply the existing agreement.

The local filed an application with the Quebec Labour Board, asserting that its bargaining rights and agreement also apply at the VIP Cinema. On February 7, 2014, the Labour Board issued its decision in favour of Local 262. The 65 employees working at the VIP cinema are now covered by the agreement and will soon become members of the Union.

IATSE 262 strikes again! Colossus Laval is now on board!

 On November 23, 2013, Local 262 of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes , theater and cinema ( IATSE \ IATSE ) filed a certification demand to represent workers of cinema Famous Players Colossus Laval (owned by Cineplex Entertainment).

On January 7 2013, the Labour Relations Commission granted certification for 110 staff members of the Colossus. Those workers join 500 more staff members of Cineplex who are represented by the union. IATSE 262 now represent the majority of the front of the house staff of Cineplex in the province of Quebec.

IATSE local 262 has signed new  contracts with Cineplex Entertainment and employees of the Colossus also want to benefit from better working conditions as their unionized colleagues.

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, theater and cinema (IATSE \ IATSE) now represents more than 600 employees at Cineplex Entertainment in Montreal and Quebec and more than 700 employees in live theaters and cinemas in Quebec.

SOURCE – International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees , theater and cinema ( IATSE / IATSE )

information :
Sylvain Bisaillon,  President, IATSE Local 262,
Cell: (514) 814-0750