Workers at Cinéma du Musée to Join IATSE Local 262

MONTRÉAL, QC – Workers at Cinéma du Musée have signed authorization cards for union representation with IATSE Local 262. Local 262 has an established record for strong representation of cinema employees in Montréal, so it was no surprise when workers reached out to the Local for assistance.

The authorization cards were filed with Quebec’s Administrative Labour Tribunal on October 8 and the Tribunal’s decision was released on November 8. The five cinema employees are now recognized as members of IATSE Local 262 and will be represented by the union in upcoming negotiations with the employer.

Cinéma du Musée opened its doors on September 25, 2018 and is located inside the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (aka the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts). The opening of Cinéma du Musée is culturally significant as it added the seventh art – film – to the MMFA community. It is administered by an independent non-profit organization and its general management is provided by the same team that manages Cinéma Beaubien and Cinéma du Parc. Cinéma du Musée employees are thrilled to join their colleagues at these two venues, which are already under representation by IATSE Local 262.

Cinema du Parc employees are now unionized !

Montreal, Tuesday, June 28, 2022 – On June 2, 2022, Local 262 of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) filed an application with the Administrative Labour Tribunal to represent the ushers, box office and concession staff.

On June 23, the Administrative Labour Tribunal granted certification to the dozen workers at the Cinéma du Parc. The Cinéma du Parc, built in 1976, has 3 screens and is managed by the same group as the Beaubien and Du Musée cinemas. The employees of the Beaubien Cinemas have been unionized with IATSE local 262 since 2003.

The company subscribes to the principles of the social economy, a concept that Local 262 has supported for many years. By joining the IATSE, Du Parc Cinema employees will be able to benefit from the many advantages offered by the IATSE.

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), local 262 represents more than 700 live theater and cinema front-of-house employees in Quebec and is affiliated with the Quebec Federation of Labour (FTQ).

Source: IATSE Local 262

Information: Sylvain Bisaillon, President, IATSE Local 262,

Cell: (514) 814-0750


Friday, July 10, 2020

MONTREAL, QC – Close to 600 front-of-house cinema workers in Quebec have overwhelmingly ratified a new agreement with Cineplex that will institute some uniformity across 10 cinemas. For the first time, all 10 agreements will terminate at the same point in time and going forward, wages and conditions will be negotiated concurrently. The new agreement puts an end to seven years of legal battles between IATSE Local 262 and Cineplex that began in 2013, shortly after the Local organized front-of-house workers at two cinemas in the province of Quebec. The costs for these years of legal challenges were covered mainly by the IATSE’s International Defense Fund and IATSE members across Canada showed their support through rallies and protests at Cineplex locations across the country. Local 262 continued to build on its original organizing success and now represents the majority of Cineplex’s front-of-the house staff in the province.

The deal is a huge victory for IATSE members, providing dramatic wage increases as well as an agreement on retroactive wages, which will be divided amongst the affected members. It also settles all outstanding legal matters that arose from the organizing of the original two cinemas.

“We are thrilled that we can close this chapter and move forward,” said IATSE Local 262 President Sylvain Bisaillon. “The affected workers will finally have their outstanding wages coming to them, and the new multi-cinema agreement will make it much easier to negotiate effectively on behalf of all our members.”

For more information, contact:

Sylvain Bisaillon, Président – IATSE local 262

Multiples resources available to our members

IATSE Canada recently launched a new website to inform Canadian members  about COVID-19 and resources avaible.

Several essential information can be found there, including information on the new Canadian Emergency Respond Benefit as well as information on assistance available to members who are in need (AFC).

Also, a new program has been set up but this time by IATSE International to help members who, despite themselves, are isolated and who may need help from IATSE Young Workers.

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Be careful and healthy.

Your Executive Board.

Election – executive board

At the January 27 meeting in Quebec City, the nomination process was completed.

We are proud to announce that the following officers have been elected to the next 3-year term:

President: Sylvain Bisaillon
Business Agent: Stéphane Ross
General Secretary: Audrey Prévost-Labre
Treasurer: Stéphane Ross
Representative of the National Capital Region: Francis Boulanger-Côté

Congratulations to everyone on their role in the union!

25 years of FOH representation!

iatse 25 ans FOH.JPGIn the long history of Local 262, which began in 1912, 1994 was a landmark year and a turning point in the history of our local as we know it today.

On December 8 1994, the Front Of the House (FOH) staff of the first four cinemas joined Local 262 (Egyptien, Atwater, Complexe Desjardins and Centre-Ville). This turning point was major because, 25 years later, caused by technological changes, the profession of projectionist in large venues is perhaps a thing of the past unfortunately, but we have known since then, represent and defend brilliantly the FOH staff  in cinemas, theaters and elsewhere in entertainment.

This is the 25th anniversary we are celebrating right now.

IATSE 262 on the street!

On March 29 and April 16, members of the local were present in front of the Laval and Ste-Foy cinemas to meet the customers and inform them of the situation that persists in these cinemas.

The employer challenges for the second time the decision of the arbitrator Lefebvre and requests a 3rd arbitration. Next dates are schedule in Superior Court on June 6th and 7th.

Major union victory for Cineplex employees!

Press release

For immediate release

Major union victory for Cineplex employees!

Montreal, Thursday, November 14th 2018 – Five years after the beginning of the certification process and four years after the arbitration was awarded, employees from Cineplex Laval and Ste-Foy cinemas have finally won their battle for a decent salary.

In front of the constant opposition of the employer towards wages demands of his employees, 2 arbitrations was needed adding up about twenty days and two passages to the Superior Court of Quebec. The latter imposed a partial collective agreement in January, 2018 while salaries, bonuses, retroactivity and other elements had again been sent back in arbitration.

The arbitrator Me Bernard Lefebvre thus acceded to the demands of the union by granting salaries going up to $14.95 an hour and a wage retroactivity from May 1st, 2015. Let us note that this decision for the salaries will also apply to the other unionized Cineplex cinemas in Quebec. The union hopes that the employer will not challenge this decision again and will agree to adequately compensate its employees. Approximately 175 employee members of IATSE Local 262 are affected by this decision.

The International Alliance of theatrical, stage employee’s moving picture technicians, artists and allied crafts of the United State, its territories and Canada. (IATSE) Local 262 represents more than 700 employees.e.s in theatre, cinema and entertainment in Quebec.


Source : AIEST\IATSE Local 262

Informations : Sylvain Bisaillon, President, IATSE local 262,

Cellulaire : (514) 814-0750